Pre-17th Century “white washing”.



The Renaissance was a rebirth of The Roman Empire that was chained down for 1000 years by The Israelite Rulers of the Moorish Empire.  After which, The dragon must be loosed for a little season to deceive the whole Earth.  This dragon is the Modern day Revived Roman Empire.  As the Roman Empire was reviving itself after being chained down for 1000 years, it began to go across the Earth and incorporate all of the original Nationalities of the Aboriginal Peoples into 501(c)(3) incorporated NATION STATES.  Soon the whole Earth had been deceived, losing their true identities, history, and Nationalities  by Incorporated STATUS in the LEGAL SYSTEM.

Included below are original painting of all of the Christ, The Prophets, Apostles, and Angels. etc.

The Christ                           Daniel                               Haggai

Samuel                            Black Angels                        Nativity

Queen Anne of Denmark

King “Black Boy” Charles II

King George III

Coin of Pescinneus Niger

Coin of Hannibal Barca

Andrewes Family    Ashford Family     Blackmore Family

A Coat of Arms from Europe presently unknown to T.O.T.M.H.

St. Theodore

Ancient Israelites in Babylon