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For the Lost now found Sheep of The House of Israel.

Inspired by The Elders of The Order of Melchizedek, who trained Temple Founder, Brother Priest; T.O.T.M.H. is a Hebrew Temple for the Lost Sheep of The House of Israel and is the official Temple for TRIBES OF ABORIGINAL NATIONS (See below).  T.O.T.M.H. is Unincorporated and is a Political Asylum from Foreign Jurisdictions which provides Status Correction from BondServant Slaves as defined in Scripture, making them potentially able to operate as their True Self by Nationality. (Nationalization must be complete to satisfy the ability to operate by Nationality).

TAKEN FROM T.O.T.M.H. Study Guide Lesson #8


BLACK’S LAW 7th Edition



1. A sanctuary or shelter.

2. Protection of usu. political refugees from arrest by a foreign jurisdiction; a nation or embassy that affords such protection. – Also termed political asylum.



1 Esdras

{8:21} Let all things be performed after the law of God diligently unto the most high God, that wrath come not upon the kingdom of the king and his sons.

{8:22} I command you also, that ye require no tax, nor any other imposition, of any of the priests, or Levites, or holy singers, or porters, or ministers of the temple, or of any that have doings in this temple, and that no man have authority to impose any thing upon them.

{8:23} And thou, Esdras, according to the wisdom of God ordain judges and justices, that they may judge in all Syria and Phenice all those that know the law of thy God; and those that know it not thou shalt teach.

{8:24} And whosoever shall transgress the law of thy God, and of the king, shall be punished diligently, whether it be by death, or other punishment, by penalty of money, or by imprisonment.

{8:25} Then said Esdras the scribe, Blessed be the only Lord God of my fathers, who hath put these things into the heart of the king, to glorify his house that is in Jerusalem:

{8:26} And hath honoured me in the sight of the king, and his counsellors, and all his friends and nobles.




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