1st Council of Nicea

There were predominantly Moorish Christians who sat on the original Council of Nicea.  And as we’ve explored, the meaning of the term “Moor” (See Who and what is a Moor-Historical Reference Menu) The Nationalities of These Moorish Christian’s was Israelite.  The Israelite brethren had been divided into 3 categories of Moors, (Moorish Christians, Moorish Moslems, and Moorish Hebrews), but keep in mind their Nationality had not changed.

The Byzantians were the Israelites who had again in history changed their identity.  These were the founders of the original churches in Europe, i.e. The original Christian churches were founded by Negroes.  Acting under the pressure received from the Roman Empire to change the Churches doctrine, the Moorish Christians were left to begin electoral processes in deciding what to retain and what to discard.  A great mistake in comprehending history is that the Council of Nicea DID NOT alter the book itself (The Bible), they altered the doctrine upon which the original Church was founded.

This pressure from the Roman Empire to alter the doctrine is what led to in-fighting of The Brethren scattered into the 3 aforementioned categories.  This would lead to the Crusades, which began with Moors vs. Moors (Moorish Christians arguing with their brethren Moorish Moslems).  Later, the Romans took up the fight to contend with the Islamic world who had Moors as bondservants.  This is what began the Christian vs. Moslem “holy wars”, and is what has continued even until present day.